70th Anniversary Celebration – Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs

Jerry Yellin will be addressing the Air ForceAcademy Cadets at the 70th Anniversary celebration in Colorado Springs.

Reagan Presidential Library – Lecture & Book Signing

Jerry Yellin will appear with  author Don Brown,  of “The Last Fighter pilot” will be at the Reagan Library on August 1st, 2017 to give a lecture at 6:00 pm and book signing at 7:00 pm. Please join us

National D-Day Memorial Commemoration

Jerry Yellin will present the keynote speech at the 73rd Anniversary- National D-Day Memorial Commemoration.

Memorial Day Parade Washington DC

Jerry Yellin will participate In the Washington DC Memorial Day Parade May 29th along Constitution Ave.

“WWII’s ‘last fighter pilot’ relives fateful flight and the PTSD that followed” New York Post

On April 7, 1945, five months before the end of World War II, Capt. Jerry Yellin and his squadron flew over Japan and bombed it, lighting up “a big square of fire” 15,000 feet below.

“Little fires became big fires, and it never occurred to me, ever, that there were human beings on the ground,” says Yellin, 93, speaking to The Post in the run-up to Memorial Day.

“They were Japanese. They were terrible people. They did horrific things in China, and I saw horrific things done in Iwo Jima to dead Marines — faces bashed in to get gold out of their teeth. They just were not human beings to me then.”

Click the link for full article: WWII’s ‘last fighter pilot’ relives fateful flight — and the PTSD that followed

“If you wanna stop war everybody would go to war naked,” he says. “Then nobody would know who to shoot.” -Captain (ret) Jerry Yellin to the New York Post


NYC – Operation Warrior Shield

Plant the flag against Veteran suicide, fundraiser event. Donation Required

Jerry Yellin in Newton Iowa – DMACC Community College

Meeting at DMACC Community College, open to the public Thursday 27th of April 7:00 pm

Jerry speaks at COVERINGS trade show

By invitation of the Rockheads industry group, Captain Jerry Yellin- last man standing WWll will speak to construction professionals involved with design, specification and installation of tile and stone products.Event will take place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Room S230H,


72nd Anniversary, Iwo Jima, Reunion of Honor

72nd Anniversary Iwo Jima Reunion of Honor Deposit

The 72nd Anniversary Commemoration will be Saturday 25 March, 2017 on Iwo Jima as the Joint Ceremony with the Japanese will be conducted at the Memorial above Red Beach.  Visits to Mt. Suribachi and the Landing Beaches to walk the “Black Sands” are scheduled.   The Iwo Jima Association of America (IJAA) in cooperation with United Airlines have a chartered jet for the day long visit to walk the battlefields of this epic clash during the Pacific War.  Guam will again be the base of operations for the IJAA Battle Symposium and 72nd Anniversary Banquet. Dates are the ones that are being coordinated with the Japanese and U.S. State Departments.

Iwo Jima Flag

United States Air Force Academy

Air Force Academy : Speaking to the Cadets