Last Man Standing tells the transformative story of American fighter pilot Jerry Yellin, one of the last living veterans of WWII. Jerry enlisted to fight the Japanese after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He returned home a decorated pilot but suffered severe PTSD for years. It was only when he found Transcendental Meditation, decades later, that he began the road back to himself. Then in the 1980’s, one of his sons moved to Japan and married a Japanese woman – the daughter of a WWII Kamakaze pilot. Jerry was once again confronted with his decades-old fear and hatred as he faced an old enemy as his new family and opened his heart to the possibility of acceptance and love.

Now at the age of 92, Jerry starts a new chapter of his life. After mourning his wife of sixty-five years, he is confronted with the quiet and solitude of growing older and living alone. As he reflects on his remarkable journey he also looks forward to what the future has in store for him. He packs up his house and moves to Florida to make new friends and hopefully find a bit of love and companionship along the way. He travels the globe sharing his inspiring story with audiences both young and old. Last Man Standing offers a unique glimpse into the extraordinary life of a near-centenarian whose goal is to help transform people’s lives.

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