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National D-Day Memorial Mourns the passing of WWII pilot

National D-Day Memorial mourns the passing of WWII pilot by Barbara EstradaFriday, December 22nd 2017 Captain Jerry Yellin delivered the keynote address at the Memorial’s commemoration of the 73rd anniversary of D-Day. (National D-Day Memorial) BEDFORD, VA – The National D-Day Memorial Foundation is mourning the loss of Captain Jerry Yellin. This past June, Capt. […]

Captain Jerry Yellin’s last Mission

Obituaries Jerry Yellin, fighter pilot in last combat mission of World War II, dies at 93 Jerry Yellin in 2016, holding a photo of himself when he was a fighter pilot in World War II. (Richard Bell/For the book “The Last Veterans of WWII”) By Harrison Smith December 21 at 6:17 PM The last combat […]

World War II pilot, 93-year-old Capt. Jerry Yellin, was once again in the pilot’s seat during a special flight on Nov. 9.

Capt. Yellin took part in a Veterans Day appreciation event, in anticipation for the inaugural “Swing Time” 1940s-themed party and gala that will benefit the Thunderbird Field II Veterans Memorial and DreamCatchers on Saturday, Nov. 10. Capt. Yellin is a former fighter pilot who flew the final combat mission of World War II and is […]

Pilot who flew in final WWII mission to speak at NHS

  “It’s a chance to be face-to-face with the people who made history,” said Stephen Quesinberry, department chairman. “Sometimes you don’t really think about people you know having been involved with the events you learned about in schools, and it’s definitely more interesting to hear from the people who were there.” Yellin enlisted two months […]

National Museum of American Jewish Military History

Jerry Yellin discusses antisemitism in his life and his role as a fighter pilot in the Pacific. He talks about the consequences of flying the last combat mission of World War II. Philip Schlamberg, another Jewish pilot, died on that mission at the National Museum of American Jewish Military History

The last mission arrives in Fairfield

Jerry Yellin, left, and Susan Marella, right, share memories and page through photos and clippings of Marella’s father, Eugene O’Brien. Like Yellin, O’Brien was in the Army Air Corps in the Pacific in World War II. Matt Milner – Ottumwa Courier FAIRFIELD — When people think about the end of World War II, they tend […]