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My Prayer for Peace in Shizuoka, Japan

Yesterday, August 1, 2015, I climbed the  171 meter, 561 foot high Mount Shizuhata, in Shizuoka, Japan. The temperature was 38 degrees Celsius, 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It was a hard climb up and exhausting going down. But it was worth it! The Fuji TV station is making a four hour documentary about World War Two and the summit of the […]

The Gift of Friendship with Doctor Alwahdani

I could not stop thinking about the feelings I had about this man I had just left. He was smart, upfront, professional and seemed to be a regular guy. I liked him very much. It struck me that he might like to have a memento of the war I served in for nearly four years. […]

Doctor Alwahdani

We met by chance on January, 29, 201​5​. I am a  91 year Jewish/American World War Two fighter pilot who was referred to a Cardiologist in Burlington, Iowa, 45 miles East of Fairfield​,​ by my local physician. No doctor’s name was given to me, just a building name and a suite number, 109. “Be there […]